Packing Peanuts

1 Cubic Foot (7.5 Gallons) of Natural Packing Peanuts for Shipping

If you are looking to package and ship something breakable, try using our premium packing peanuts to ensure your items arrive safely to their destination.

Leave Styrofoam in the Past

The world should stop making and using styrofoam, which is made of petroleum products and will linger in our planet for generations. Our shipping peanuts are not made with any oil or petroleum products. They are made from natural materials instead of being synthesized from petroleum. Help make the world a little better.

100% Natural Corn and Wheat Starch

Our packing peanuts may look like regular foam packing peanuts, but they are actually composed entirely of renewable corn and wheat starch derived naturally from corn and wheat plants grown in farm fields.

Quickly Dissolves in Water

Our packing peanuts actually dissolve simply in water, leaving only dissolved natural corn and wheat starch behind. When you receive your shipping peanuts we recommend you take a single peanut and drop it into a glass of water to see for yourself.

Enjoy the Confidence that Your Package Will Arrive Safely

Non-Toxic and Food Safe

Since they are all natural, our packing peanuts are perfectly safe to be in contact with food. Of course, our peanuts are not meant for human consumption as food!

Static Free Protection

Remember those old school pink packing peanuts that were advertised as "static-free"? Well... our packing peanuts are also static-free to give you confidence when you ship all kinds of sensitive items.

Made in the USA

Our packing peanuts are made locally right here in the USA from natural plant materials, so you are not contributing further to climate change through use of fossil fuels to ship products from overseas.

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