Wine Shipping Boxes

Share a Happy Toast No Matter the Miles with A Little Better Wine Shipping Boxes

Sometimes a simple bottle of wine is the best gift you can give. And with today's technology you can enjoy a convivial wine toast irrespective of physical distance. When you send your wine in our wine shipping boxes you can be confident your gift will arrive safe and sound. Since our boxes are made of recycled paper, the thoughtfulness of your gift will also send a message of thoughtfulness for our planet and the natural environment.

Ditch the Styrofoam For Good

Each wine shipping box is made entirely of 100% recycled paper. Don't send ecologically disastrous plastic and styrofoam to your loved ones alongside your gift. Paper is a much better alternative for the planet because it can be easily recycled or even degraded in compost. Our sturdy clamshell is finely molded paper and surrounds your wine bottle for protection during the shipping process.

Completely New Boxes and Material

Unlike some competitors, we do not re-use our wine bottle boxes. Our products arrive in separate packaging that you can recycle before sending your wine to your family and friends. We do not deliver your wine shipper by using the actual wine shipping box to send you the product. Who wants to send a gift of wine to a loved one in a used and marked box that looks like it's been re-gifted?

Make Someone's Day A Little Better by Sending a Bottle of Wine

Strong Enough to Meet all Shipper Requirements

Our wine shipping boxes pass all test measures to safely transport wine via major shipping carriers, including FedEx and UPS. Each wine bottle clamshell is enclosed in its own 200 pound test cardboard box that meets the International Safe Transit Association criteria for wine shipment.

Perfect Size for All Standard Wine Bottles

The paper fiber clamshell surrounds your wine to ensure safe delivery of most standard sized 750 ml wine bottles. The wine shipper can accommodate bottles of different shapes with a height of 13.5”, a bottom width of 3.25” and a neck width of 1.25”.

Proudly Made in the USA

We source all of our recycled paper in the USA, and actually make all our boxes here in the USA as well. This means we are not contributing to global warming by manufacturing the boxes in Asia and then shipping them across the ocean to America.

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